The Gamestar, an unknown mega drive clone

one time at december 27 from last year, i got this interesting box

contains images of the jurassic park movie, claims to have street fighter (which is never), and capitan tsubasa

this was tested in the store it was in, so its used, the box was full of stickers because i had shipped it from another city

the box contains the manual, the unit, 2 controllers (one being used and unwrapped),an ac adapter, an rf cable and a switch box

the console is an asian pal clone, running in japan PAL, mentions of sega were removed there, along with the CH and EXT port

the build date is unknown from this serial number, but i had found someone from france that seems to have found the model it was based on (HAA-2510)


it almost took me an hour to set up the tv and i was met with a multicart menu, 20 on each page and 7 pages will be 140 in 1

NOTE: this video was recorded months after the first time because i didnt have an easycap and av cable

list of games:

were done with that, time to open it ;)


seems to be a VA5 clone, with 2 genuine chips i can find being used (6800 and Z80), a yamaha ym2612 clone is included

but at least we do get a look at that pesky lying multicart!

now well let it rest for a few months and

i have an everdrive clone! (2 months before making this page)

the games work as youd expect, same with sms games!

now the issues...

one was the ac adapter, which oddly has a switch, i was curious so i unplugged the console, WHILE THE ADAPTER WAS PLUGGED INTO A SOCKET, and switched, and it works fine with a lower voltage, a few seconds in when...

it exploded... But thankfully not on the socket, but on itself, then i quickly unplugged it, it sizzled and smelt burned plastic...

im hungry... Oh ok im back

had to wait for another one to arrive, yay...

it was good as before again! Then came the controllers

the first controller has its dpad unresponsive now, so its scrapped and never used, used the other ones and then, the buttons (except the dpad) dosent work at all

the last issue was near 3 weeks for going to another city, which is where the system bought from, so after that, getting 2 more controllers from the same store, edit, the store is sadly closed

now lets talk about accessories!

the mega CD and 32x, well known accesories, does it support it, yes kind of

i have none of them at the time of making this

it supports them both so whats wrong, well youll hear it...

THE SHELL IS MISSING THE MEGA CD CONNECTOR PEICE AND COVERS IT SO YOU CANT EVEN PLAY CD GAMES AT ALL (Unless you can find a shell, taking the sticker out and removing mentions of sega from the new shell is optional or even own the mega sd flash cartridge)

now the part of this page that dosent relate to this clone at all, but only related to other clones

if YOU own a md clone, i do have a guide for you!

so heres how you could know what type of clones yours are


there are two types of clones, one being full clones from the mid 1990s & all of the 2000s, and a mega drive on a chip, probably from mid 2010s


the weight wasnt like the original, sound emulation was terrible, wont support big games

first way you can tell already is the weight, old consoles would be a bit heavy and not light, if it felt light then you have a MDOAC

secondly, Look under the console, you should see green stuff inside (the board itself), if you cant see any(and even find a light from the slot) then you have a MDOAC

Lastly, try it, you know it right away when you hear, the audio... If its terrible as nails on a chalkboard, you put it back in the box and throw it into THE BIN!

thats all, bye!