behind the scenes

where it all started

at june 26th, 2018, at 5:52 am gmt, i was playing sonic 1, from the ps3 version of sonic generations, in the projector, i had known about bootlegs when i searched "sonic bootleg", and one picture came to my mind...

then an hour later at 7:49 am gmt, a picture was saved by me, this picture was the first existance of conic

it mentioned "coing soon", was poorly edited sonic 1 artwork, with the transparent colors replaced with white, sonics spines removed, 2 cat tails added, and a shorter nose, which was never used

conic 3

development started at november 12 2021

tools i used

sprite editor: flex 2, tile layer pro

palette editor: hivepal

level editor: sonlvl

special stage editor: blue balls

the 1st thing i edited is sonics walking animation and palette, angel island act 1

days later i did a qna text file


2 weeks later, Sonic 3 & knuckles fails to build because of "mecha sonics palette being incorrect" and the only one thats working is standalone sonic 3

if all of the sprites are finished, im going to move the graphics to a clean dissasembly and redo the levels


UPDATE 2022/1/19

in the second week of january, i moved the sprites to a clean dissasembly, now i can build conic 3 and leo! (the full version), currently doing leos sprites

UPDATE 2022/6/26

conic 3 is done, currently porting stuff from the full game and fixing the builder

conic & leo

nothing much, compiled it a few times to test conics sprite even before it dosent build anymore (around that time before moving to a clean dissasembly)

the website, the thing you're currently on

originally i was gonna use wix but i cant find a 90s design and i need to pay for a domain thats TEXT

well im using neocities to make it now

off topic stuff that happened during development

in december 6, i decided to make myself a leo plush (yes, i make plushies since 2019)

made both classic and modern plushes of him

december 14, i got a ps5, had to wait for a day to finally play it because it was moving the data from my ps4, also i cant enter my psn account until i called the playstation support at 6:38 pm

december 27, i got a bootleg mega drive, it took me pain to setup the tv, and has games inside without a cartridge

the only game i played is alex kidd (japanese version)

there are repeats of it on the menu and they start in different stages without the title screen, and when you complete a level, you go back to the same level you completed

im also getting a flash cart, edit: got it